A downloadable game for Windows

On an island, a druid will have to survive to the test of nature with his animal metamorphosis powers.


Game Jam : POT-AU-JEU-2.0
Theme : Metamorphosis

Adapt to your environment with 3 forms...  

  1. Rabbit as Speed     
  2. Bird as Agility 
  3. Bison as Strength

...and survive the elements.


Each animal has its own physical behavior and capacity.

  1. Rabbit is fast and can burrow under ground (↓ | Down Stick)
  2. Bird is agile and can double jump
  3. Bison is slow and resist the wind effect

You loose a life when :

  • You are hitten by a meteor
  • You walk on a fire
  • You touch a wave
  • Don't touch the ocean or you will die instantaneously

Be careful, the wind apply a force on you in left or right direction and the wave can push you in the ocean.

(Keyboard | Controller)

Move : ← & → | Left & Right Stick
Jump : Spacebar | A
(Rabbit) Burrow : ↓  | Down Stick
Form n°1 : Num pad 1 | X
Form n°2 : Num pad 2 | Y
Form n°3 : Num pad 3 | B
Pause : Escape | Start


  • Pedro Pillot (Development, Gameplay)
  • Leo Brodin (Design, Matte painting, 2D animations)
  • Simon Magnat (3D Assets, Assembly, Lighting)
  • Nicolas Castelli (Development, Gameplay)

Music: https://www.bensound.com and https://www.musicscreen.be/

Install instructions

Please extract and run the "Metamorphose.exe" file :)


Adapt.zip 520 MB


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I like the concept but some issues I had

Thanks for the video, it's much appreciated !

Sorry for the issues you had, weird that you can't switch between animals, it's supposed to work on the numpad..

But indeed there are some things and behaviors that we had no time to make clear and understandable enough. I added a "Description" part in the game description that make some points clearer.

Really nice looking!  Quite difficult...to the point that I just stopped, but I really think this is a neat idea that could be developed further!  Great start!

It's true that the game is quite difficult .. we had too much ambition for a first Jam and we did not have time to balance correctly the events.

Anyway, thanks, it's super encouraging !